Overview of the Assignment: Media Literacy Curriculum          Click here to download

UNIT 1: Asking Critical Questions
Ask questions to discover the purpose, point of view, target audience, and the subtext of different types of media messages.                                        Click here to download

UNIT 2: Who Do You Trust?
Explore strategies that can be used to judge the realism and evaluate the authenticity and authority of media messges found on TV, newspapers, the internet and in the library.                                                                                             Click here to download

UNIT 3: Crime Reporting
Examine how the news media‚Äôs coverage of crime affects our perceptions of reality and our beliefs about the criminal justice system.                     Click here to download

UNIT 4: History Literature and the Mass Media
Reflect on the connections between journalism, history and literature by exploring colonialism in Africa in the 19th and 20th centuries.                 Click here to download

    UNIT 5: The Language of Politics
    Analyze political communication strategies and evaluate the impact of the mas media on the political campaign process.                                             Click here to download

    UNIT 6: The Culture of Celebrity
    Explore how media celebrities shape our expectations of ourselves and the world around us.                                                                                       Click here to download

    Glossary and References                                                            Click here to download

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