Why Publish Samples of Student Work?

Students experience a genuine thrill when their work is published and displayed before a real audience. A simple classroom activity can become a meaningful experience when students get feedback that their work is appreciated and valued. Plus, teachers and parents who visit the web site are inspired by the creativity and imagination of young people—this helps spread the word about the important work happening in our schools!

Send Student Writing, Videos, Posters, Photos, Audiotapes, Web Sites and More
We will accept student writing – from handwritten documents to word processed materials. We look forward to including samples of student videos, audiotapes, or multimedia projects on the web site. You can send us a videotape, clearly labeled with the student’s name and school. If your students’ material is available on a school or classroom web site, send us the URL and we’ll link to it. Remember that we cannot return original copies of student work. Send us student work in any way that is most comfortable to you. Here are some options:

Send text attachments to

Media Literacy Project
Babson College
213 Kriebel Hall
Wellesley, MA 02457




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