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High School

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Michael Kandel
Mineola Middle School
Nassau County
New York
Elementary School

At the suggestion of Lynn  Widdowson I am writing to you “teacher to teacher.” I was fortunate to come across your state’s wonderful Media Literacy curriculum, but am  stymied by the unavailability of the accompanying video and assorted materials.
I teach in Nassau County, a New York City suburb. After  Ms. Widdowson explained that the materials were not produced in enough of a  quantity for out-of-state distribution she was kind enough to SUGGEST  THAT SOME KIND SOUL WOULD HELP!
I am a novice educator and would be  grateful for your input.  Usually I teach sixth grade ELA and social studies
but I will begin teaching a media literacy course this month for  elementary students in grades 3-5.
Is there any way for me to borrow a  copy of your video and kit?
I will certainly arrange to cover all of the shipping costs.
In addition can we speak about your experience working with these units?
My school address and numbers follow.
With many thanks for any assistance that you can offer

I am


Michael Kandel
Mineola Middle School
200 Emory  Road

NY 11501
(516) 741-4943
Fax (516) 739-4126

Media Literacy in Maryland: A Dialogue
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