Renee Hobbs and Richard Frost

“Research on the Impact of Media Literacy on Students’ Academic Performance,” paper presented at Summit 2000, Toronto, Canada, May 13, 2000.

Research Instruments

1. Reading Comprehension/Critical Analysis Test

 Stimulus reading from Time Magazine

2. Media Behaviors Questionnaire

3. Listening Comprehension/Critical Analysis Test

 Stimulus audio from NPR "David Brinkley" story

4. Attitude Questionnaire

5. Viewing Comprehension/Critical Analysis Test

 Stimulus viewing from CH1 "Hurricane Andrew" story

6. Knowledge of Media Production

 Stimulus viewing from "Crawford Pepsi" ad from Adsmarts

7. Print ad analysis activity

 Stimulus viewing of “Miller beer” ad from AdSmarts

8. Knowledge about Media Test

9. Purdue Teacher Evaluation Scale