Overview of the Assignment: Media Literacy Curriculum          Click here to download

UNIT 1: Asking Critical Questions
Learn how to apply basic concepts including target audience, purpose, and attention-getting techniques used to create media messages – in books, newspapers, TV, videogames, and more.                                                        Click here to download

UNIT 2: Understanding Media Genres
Learn the vocabulary for different media messages, and explore how to classify media messages by type.  Practice predicting what will happen next with different types of media messages.                                                                          Click here to download

UNIT 3: In the Real World
Learn about the purpose of journalism and discover how journalists decide what gets on TV news or in a newspaper.  Rewrite news for a radio or TV broadcast and perform it.                                                                                                      Click here to download

UNIT 4: Heroes and Villains in History
Learn how the words used in a media message can suggest a point of view. Use the internet and the library to research the life of Sir Francis Drake, explorer, and discover different facts about him that could be heroic or villainous.      Click here to download

UNIT 5: Ratings and Reviews
Learn how different people interpret media messages differently because of their age and experience.  Rate different TV programs using the TV ratings system, learn to use a TV guide grid, and write a review of a TV show or film.        Click here to download

UNIT 6: Kenan’s World
Learn about the important role of different types of media— videogames, TV, music—in the lives of children and young people. Use math skills to interpret charts showing children’s media use and create a journal for a character shown in the video who may or may not be addicted to videogames.                    Click here to download

Glossary and References                                                            Click here to download

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