Overview of the Assignment: Media Literacy Curriculum          Click here to download

UNIT 1: Asking Critical Questions
Ask questions to discover the purpose, point of view, target audience and subtext of different types of media messages
.                                            Click here to download

UNIT 2: The Art of Slapstick
Discover what makes physical humor such an important tradition in storytelling, learn the secrets of creating comedy characters and invent your own comedy character using the character wheel.                                                                       Click here to download

UNIT 3: What’s Real and What’s Reel?
Explore what makes a media message seem “realistic” or “unrealistic” and learn how realism affects a reader or viewer’s emotional response.       Click here to download

UNIT 4: History and Media
Explore the way artists, photographers, journalists, musicians and historians have shared their understanding of the Civil War, one of the most important events in American history.                                                                          Click here to download

UNIT 5: Entertainment Warriors
Examine the role of violence in contemporary sports, reflect on gender stereotypes in professional wrestling, and imagine a sporting event that will be popular 50 years in the future.                                                                                              Click here to download

UNIT 6: Media Mania!
Reflect on your own media use habits, including the role of videogames and other media in your life.                                                                          Click here to download

Glossary and References                                                            Click here to download

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